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"Show announcements"
I'll be doing these shows and a few others TBA. Hope to see y'all. 
"Madness and Mayhem 5"
I will be performing on mainstage both nights of this event. Hope to see y'all there!
Small delay on the release of
 "Insane Clown Psycho"
I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately,
I am still waiting on one of the featured artists to return his verse to me. I'm trying to give him a little more time so that I can release the project with all intended tracks. I'm going to give him just a little more time before I cut the track and release the album without it. I appreciate your understanding.

I have recently partnered up with F5 Wrestling to secure a privately owned venue in Fenton, Michigan. The F5 Compound is putting together a Wrestling/Live music show and booking Wrestlers, Bands and Hip-hop artists. Anyone interested in this opportunity contact me or Stitches Mcvey . Time slots are limited. Share this post to your local music and wrestling groups and tag your artist and wrestling friends. #Respect -sickNsane

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Tell ALL your artist and wrestler friends!!!!

This will be happening in Michiganand anyone is welcome as long as they're willing to travel for it!

Let's kick off something fucking legit 🤘

Small commercial I made to showcase some of the album. Enjoy.
Insane Clown Psycho- Available 6-01-2021
This album is my personal homage to the culture that has shaped my life. Packed full of legendary features Including M.M.M.F.D, Jamie Madrox and more! Topped with raw energy like nothing you have ever experienced! I am unapologetically returning the "Wicked clown spirit" to the music we love! Unlike so many others. I'm not afraid of the stigma! I'm not afraid to admit what I am! This is my gift to you!

"Flex" Music video coming 6-14-2021
This song has gotten so much amazing feedback that Ive been putting together a music video for it as a way to show my appreciation!l
Thank you all!
Tour name and co-headliner announcement coming soon!

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