What is "Insane Clown Psycho"?

Most rappers grow up watching their idols rock stages. Dreaming and aspiring to someday be at the same level with them. 
    Many of them develop a very similar sound and delivery to their own music as a result. 
    It's only when your idols are ICP and all the facepaint wearing guys they put on throughout the years that it's so hated on and stigmatized as immediate garbage if you look or sound anything remotely fucking close to ANY of them.
    I've taken all the criticism and hate that it brought on me. But, I never let anyone convince me to change.
     I follow in the steps of my idols. I developed and perfected my persona for years.
    I really am sickNsane, The Slasher of the Southside, The Gutterslut and the Insane Clown Psycho!
I'm not some Juggalo turned horrorcore rapper afraid to wear the paint or admit I'm a fuckin Juggalo!
    My style is far from unoriginal. It's a bit of a combination of all my influences just like any other artist. 
    Part ICP, Of course. But, also part Metallica, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Q-Strange. Hell even Ludacris.
    I believe I stay true to what I've been calling the "wicked clown spirit"
But, In a new way!
I'm not a carbon copy. 

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